International Conference On Men’s Issues – July 8-10, 2016

The International Conference On Men’s Issues will be held on July 8th through July 10th, 2016 in London England.

It must be noted that the Europa Unitas Movement favours traditional patriarchy and distinct sex roles. The “Men’s Rights Movement” favours egalitarianism, or equal rights and interchangeable roles for men and women. However, they do nonetheless raise several important issues and advocate against unfair treatment of men and boys, and against male genital mutilation. We do have some issues in common, and we share a common enemy in feminism.

This event will include speakers and delegates from 16 countries. The conference is being put on by Justice For Men & Boys in association with A Voice For Men. This is not a racial-nationalist event and the organisers do not share most of our views. They absolutely do not endorse us. Paul Elam has condemned “racism” and even spoken in favour of silencing racial heretics at his events. That being said, the larger “red pill” movement or reactosophere may be a gateway toward realism in other areas for some. We therefore welcome events of this nature.

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