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Are you a citizen of the United Kingdom? If so, please take a few minutes to sign these petitions for the UK government. Please consider creating your own petitions as well to promote nationalist issues. E-petitions receiving over 100,000 signatures are considered for a debate in parliament. All E-petitions receiving 10,000 signatures or more will receive a government response.

Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated.

“In February 2015 Dr Shea, Nato’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, warned there would be IS jihadists on the refugee boats. IS also threatened to flood Europe with 500,000 jihadists.

Allowing uncontrolled immigration and taking in these refugees potentially endangers the entire UK population. At any other time in our history this would be tantamount to a declaration of war and borders would be closed.”

Have the House of Commons debate TTIP and implications for the UK as a whole.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a series of trade negotiations carried out mostly in secret between the EU and US. TTIP will allow US corporations to do exactly as they wish in all areas of our lives e.g NHS. They will be able to sue countries if anything does not suit them.

This is happening via secret negotiations to suit US corporations. Many politicians in the UK / EU have little or no access to information to make decisions or debate what is best for their country. These Corporations will ‘own’ us and influence our NHS, environment, infrastructure etc plus be able to sue the UK if they think we have affected profits. Public must be told, now!


To stop pet shops selling puppies in store and keeping a ‘stock’ of puppies.

When buying a puppy from a pet shop from ‘stock’ the buyer is unaware of the ancestry, health issues, how often the bitch is bred from and the conditions the parents are kept in to provide the stock. People might buy a puppy on impulse or to ‘save’ it. What happens to puppies that aren’t sold?

I went to a pet shop where they had a stock of puppies in pens and what wasn’t available they could ‘obtain’. In addition to the dogs on display, they had ‘storage’ out the back where you could hear puppies crying. Where do these puppies come from? Any responsible breeder would insist the puppies stayed with their mum until going to a home that the breeder would vet. Is it right that you can go to a pet shop for some cat food and come home with a puppy?

Stop the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia.

The sale of arms to Saudi Arabia is a threat to our national security as it is an indirect way of supplying terrorist groups such as Islamic State. The Saudi Arabian government also use these arms in the bloody conflict in Yemen which we should not support. Stopping the sales would save many lives.

Evidence of a British-made bomb has been discovered in the aftermath of a bombing of a Yemeni ceramics factory, an attack that violates international humanitarian law. The UK should not support this through arms sales. By stopping the arms sales, we would be reducing deaths of Yemeni and Saudi Arabian people.

David Cameron to take serious diplomatic action against commercial whaling

Japan, Norway & Iceland have killed more than 30,000 whales, defying the global ban. In 2014 the ICJ ruled Japan’s ‘scientific’ Southern Ocean whaling illegal, but Japan is preparing to kill 4,000 more whales in Antarctica. The whaling ban is vital but under attack. It must be enforced & protected.
Please act on your manifesto commitment to oppose commercial whaling by committing to:

1) Raise Japan’s ongoing ‘scientific’ whaling, and efforts to undermine the bans on whaling and trade in whale products, in the context of:
a) the EU-Japan free trade agreement negotiations;
b) Japan’s campaign to gain a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
2) Instruct senior UK ministers to raise objections to commercial cetacean hunting, with Japan, Norway & Iceland at every opportunity.

Restrict the use of fireworks to reduce stress and fear in animals and pets

Fireworks now occur at all times of the day and evening for many weeks during the autumn and winter. Pet and animal owners struggle to keep their companion animals safe during this extended period. We call for fireworks use by the general public to be permitted on traditional celebration dates only.

The need for reform of the Firework Regulations (2004) has been recognized by a number of organizations and charities. Current regulations are outdated and largely ineffective and we are calling for the improved regulation of fireworks use in the UK. The main need is to restrict fireworks use by the general public to the traditional dates around the Guy Fawkes, New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year celebrations. Further discussion is at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FireworkABatement/

Make labelling food as vegetarian and/or vegan as legal requirement

Being born in a vegetarian culture and religion, I cannot remember the last time I have just been able to pick up a bar of chocolate and eat it without reading the ingredients on the package. Now we need to read all the E numbers to find what is veg or non-veg, and also email/call companies to check

Mars, being one of the biggest confectionery companies refuse to label their products as Vegetarian or vegan. See comment on email below:
“…however at present there is no legal requirement for food products to state on the packaging if they are suitable for vegetarians or not.”
A simple legal requirement for a label, would let the ever growing vegetarian/vegan community pick up some food, take a quick look at the label and put it in their basket. Why do we need to Google each E number to eat?

Please reintroduce the following expired petitions regularly:

Ban schools from serving halal meat to children without parents’ consent

The Government should require schools to obtain parental consent before school pupils are served halal or pre-stunned meat.

Muslims object when their children are fed pork – we as a Christian culture should have right to say that our children do not eat ritually blessed food without our knowledge.
School dinner ladies have been sacked for giving pork to muslim children but Christian children are fed halal everyday without their parents’ knowledge or consent and against their beliefs.

Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in London

Benjamin Netanyahu is to hold talks in London this September. Under international law he should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in the U.K for the massacre of over 2000 civilians in 2014

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