Elves, Orcs, and all that

West Hunter

As I understand it, right-thinking people are supposed to act as if men who have undergone ‘sex-change’ surgery are really women. As opposed to crazy.  The thing is, there are other transitions that people may wish to make, and I’m wondering if right-thinking people will soon be expected to honor those people’s new status.  I’m talking about elves.

Surgery can certainly give you pointy ears, and for the moment let’s assume that’s as far as it goes.  Will we be expected to pretend that pointy-eared Americans really are elves?  When they’re in the Army, will grizzled NCOs still ask them if they want to live forever?  Will insurance companies feel compelled to charge them low prices for life insurance and super-high prices for annuities?

Other than an aversion to cold iron, vulnerability to holy names, and possibly being soulless, being an elf doesn’t sound all that bad. The transition is…

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