I’ve been thinking about suicide

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… but that post didn’t work out, so I’m writing about homosexuals instead.

It seems an athlete named Steward Butler has been accused of attacking two men who were kissing each other. Butler is being charged with a hate-crime.

This got me thinking. We sometimes read about attacks on homosexuals, by heterosexuals, but rarely do we read about instances where homosexuals attack heterosexuals – and I’m beginning to appreciate why people use the terms “gay” and “straight”; “homosexual” and “heterosexual” are long words, and they’re cumbersome. So “gay” and “straight” it will be!

For the record, I’m very much straight – but I sometimes wish I were gay; life would be so much easier. Companionship would come easy. For most of my adult life, until I started getting visibly old, gay men have found me very attractive. This attraction sometimes manifested itself in weird and scary ways.

I was once…

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