Judge Finds German Woman Guilty of Raping Eight Pakistani Muslim Men

Diversity Chronicle


April 21, 2013

In the City of Wassenberg in Western Germany a woman has been found guilty of seducing and raping eight men in the first case of its kind in Europe. Maria Heidelsohn aged 18 alleges that on the afternoon of August 23rd she was pulled away by eight men from the porch she was sun bathing on and carried into a small shed in which she was brutally and repeatedly gang raped. Heidelsohn alleges that she cried for help repeatedly until she was bound and gagged, she then claims that she was beaten severely and both of her arms and one leg were broken.

Wassenbeg Police Chief Abdullah Al Hussein contends that there is no evidence Heidelsohn did not injure herself or ask a friend to injure her in order to attempt to frame up her alleged attackers. The Police Chief noted that no male adult Muslim men…

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