NEW YORK TIMES: Pedophiles are Victims, Golden Dawn Are Thought-Criminals

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Article by Ed

Often times Golden Dawn’s New York chapter is approached by associates of the mainstream media, including the New York Times, with requests for interviews. Our policy of refusing to interview with demagogic journalists who are paid specifically to mislead readers about our views, rather than give an objective presentation of facts about the revival of Hellenic People, is motivated by political but also ethical concerns. The New York Times is a contender alongside the Guardian in the English-speaking world for the record of articles repeating unfounded libels about Golden Dawn (both in Greece as well as the American chapters) made up by Leftist and Zionist interests. The Times is a dying but still relevant force for shaping cultural and social attitudes around the world, a reason why the elites who control the media are able to control a lot of other things by extension.  When one looks…

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