Nintendo’s War on Women, Minorities and Democracy

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Racist Mario

Special Investigative Report with Ray Charlston

If you are like many people 30 and under you may have grown up on video games. Perhaps your family had a Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, or a Nintendo 64. Perhaps you or your children own a Nintendo Wii. You may think video games are a harmless hobby or an enjoyable form of recreation, but think again! Video games can promote racism, sexism and anti-democratic attitudes!

Nintendo Co. Ltd, headquartered in Kyoto Japan was literally founded on sexism, racism and Japanese Imperialism. Founded in 1889, its hateful legacy continues on to the present. Video games have spread around the world, poisoning the globe with hate. For this special report I will be interviewing Dr. Norman Frederickson of the Campaign for Justice, Equality and Peace. His organization is dedicated to fighting hatred and exposing bigotry and intolerance.

RC: Dr. Frederickson, thank you for…

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