“Race” by John Baker

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I just finished reading “Race” by John R. Baker and wanted to give a brief review of it while it is still fresh in my mind.

It is a monumental work and of great value.  The depth, range of insights and objectivity, demonstrated by Baker, are awe-inspiring.  As a matter of fact, it would be no exaggeration to say that most aspects of race science that have been elaborated upon over the last couple of decades are dealt with here.  Not only that, but Baker’s words are often even prophetic.  I’ve already written about the flawed logic of “Guns, Germs and Steel”.  This is what Baker, over twenty years prior to Diamond’s folly, had to say about it (pg. 527, 528):

Explanations are frequently suggested for the failure of certain peoples to make this advance.  Thus Professor A. Sommerfelt excuses the fact that the Arunta had no numerals…

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