Reflections of a “Racist” Father

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By J.A.Y.

So I’ve earned the reputation of being “racist” and the enmity of those dearest to me.  Why?  Because I dared tell my daughter that I disapprove of her dating black men.  Now, for 90% of you out there, this would seem to be a cut-and-dry case.  After all, why else would a man tell his daughter such a thing unless he hates blacks?

Let me give some advice to all you young women who suffer from “racist” fathers: try to have a meaningful conversation with your father – but without hysterics.  Of course, if you hate your father, don’t bother even trying.  If you hate your father, you probably shouldn’t even be reading this.  But, if you love your father, and are left wringing your hands due to his “sickness” and puzzling attitudes, then I strongly suggest you meet the beast head on…

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