‘They prefer boys in Afghanistan’: Dancing bachas recruited for sex (RT Documentary)

The sexual enslavement and abuse of young boys is routine in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a sick country where women are required to cover their faces, and in some cases, even eyes. They are denied access to public events, and many are denied even the ability to leave their house at all. At the same time, homosexual predators prey on impoverished boys, and seek to lure them into homosexual prostitution. In many cases boys are kidnapped and enslaved.

The Afghan government and Afghan politicians are also involved. For the most part, this information has been suppressed in the West. While the Taliban kills homosexual child predators, the US installed government protects them. The US government tells soldiers stationed there not to interfere with these crimes. Many US and British soldiers are rightly disgusted when they discover that the US removed the Taliban, only to replace them with people who are perhaps even worse. The new regime in Afghanistan is comprised of homosexual rapists, drug dealers, and drug addicts.