West Hunter

Transsexuals, people that believe their psychological gender conflicts with their physical gender, are not a particular evolutionary paradox, because they’re far rarer than homosexual men. One in tens of thousands of men seek sex reassignment surgery – that is, pay good money to have someone slice off their willy. At that kind of prevalence, the syndrome could be explained by mutational pressure or some rare environmental insult. Maybe they’re from Transylvania.

The question is why anyone – let alone society as a whole – takes the whole idea seriously – acts as if they are in some sense really women. There are lots of differences in how the female brain develops and is wired – castration isn’t going to fix that. You’d need nanosurgery, and that probably wouldn’t be enough. More like rolling the clock back and starting over from conception.

Deirdre McCloskey isn’t a woman: wishing can’t make it…

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