Hillary Clinton Disses Black Lives Are Important, Refusing To Perform Sex Acts On African-Americans!

Diversity Chronicle

By Enrique Alvarez

Yesterday Hillary Clinton revealed her true color (White) once again. During a speech on sex inequalities in hiring, several activists from Black Lives Are Important climbed onto the stage. For readers who may not be aware, Black Lives Are Important, or BLAI, are a group of African-Americans that have formed a more assertive alternative to Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Are Important advocates for the complete disarmament of all white law-enforcement officers, in order to prevent further interracial violence. The activist group, controversially, also claims that black men are entitled to sex on demand from white females because of slavery.

When BLAI activists climbed onto the stage and took the microphone from Hillary, she started out behaving properly. She bowed her head, and stepped back, just like Bernie Sanders. Sounds like that white bitch knows her place? Unfortunately, she then revealed her racism! The Black activists pointed…

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