An overview of the 2016 Amren conference

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In my experience, this was the most positive, and inspiring, American Renaissance conference to date. It’s my sixth one, if you count the “shadow conference” in Charlotte a few years ago and the mini-conference in Virginia (2010) before that.

I’m pretty sure that this conference had more attendees (close to 300) than any previous one. But it’s not the number of attendees that impressed me, rather it was the quality. In the past, our conferences would, inevitably, attract a few crazies. This time, I didn’t see any.

American Renaissance welcomes all who wish to attend, regardless of race or ideology. If you’re interested in attending, you pay the fee and show up. Nobody asks about your ethnicity, religion or ideology. Past conferences have always had a few non-whites, and this one was no exception. I saw a few south Asians and there was one black woman. They were…

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