Psychologist Claims “Racism Accusers” Are Pedophiles Seeking To Hide Their Own “Sickness”

Diversity Chronicle

By Ivan Fernando

A prominent white supremacist psychologist, Prof. Philippe Lynn, of Rhodesia University in Zimbabwe, has written a paper claiming that anyone who identifies another person as a racist, is a pedophile. He goes on to say that the one making the claim is trying to somehow distract others from his or her own criminal sexual proclivities. Prof. Lynn’s disgusting and deeply offensive paper has been e-mailed to university professors around the world, and is making the rounds at America’s colleges, which have always been hot-beds of radical right-wing extremist and xenophobic thought. Just 53 years ago, some US colleges remained segregated by race! Only yesterday, just 151 years ago, white Americans in the south still owned black slaves and daily tortured them for their own sadistic pleasure!

Here are some extracts from this deeply offensive so-called “psychological” report:

“The racism sniffers find racism everywhere. Even where it obviously…

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