Progressives Threaten Peaceful Violence In The Wake of Rising Microaggressions

Diversity Chronicle

by Dr. Trifecta Tyrone Washington II, D.D., Ph.D, Distinguished Civil Rights Leader

Progressives are rightly outraged at the recent spate of white-male terrorist incidents across the US. Whites are attacking innocent people of color, women, sexual minorities, and the trans community. We will no longer stand by and allow this to continue. We can, and we must, stand together now in moral outrage! More and more progressives are talking about peaceful violence.

Peaceful violence may sound like a contradiction to some, however, it makes sense when you examine it closely. According to one member of “Masked Red Anarchists Destroying Hate,” I’ll call him Michael: “Racism is violence. A racist thought is a violent one. Racists must be met not with ideas or arguments, but only with insults, fists and weapons. That is the language that they understand. The so-called violence we carry out is peaceful. Why? Because it’s directed against…

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