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The Truth About #Brexit

Brexit: The (animated) Movie

Please Help South African Whites Living In Dire Conditions

UNION visited some of South Africa’s poor working class White Afrikaners living in the countries many illegal White Squatter Camps. Please help by donating at About The South African Family Relief Project “Yes many folks ask us “Why do you not go back to Europe?” Why do you only assist whites, that is racist? […]

Harvard Economist: Immigration System ‘Just Another Government Redistribution System’

Germany is Committing ‘Economic Suicide,’ Says Czech Finance Minister

Britské listy (Czech Republic) “By giving refugees 670 euros per month and free accommodation,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel is committing economic suicide,” said Andrej Babis, Czech Finance Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister. According to Babis, the only solution of the refugee crisis is hermetically to seal the external borders of the European Union. “When […]