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Report Illegals – our new flyer on Immigration!

We have just finished our new flyer, “Report Illegals.” This flyer has no copyright information, and can be adapted by anyone for other white countries. Because we haven’t put our own website on it, we hope that diverse race-realist, nationalist, and anti-immigration groups will be wiling to use it. Report Illegals

Our Platform

We Must Live Our people must live. We must fight for our survival and for our interests without compromise, and without apology. We must rediscover who we are, and where we came from. We must restore our families. We must take back control of our nations and expel foreign invaders. We must establish a new […]

Welcome To The Europa Unitas Movement

Welcome to the website of the Europa Unitas Movement. We are a new movement founded to save our people, our nations and our civilisation! About Us The Europa Unitas Movement was founded to advance and protect the interests of, and to uphold the culture and heritage of European (white) people around the world. We are […]