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Nintendo’s War on Women, Minorities and Democracy

Originally posted on Diversity Chronicle:
Special Investigative Report with Ray Charlston If you are like many people 30 and under you may have grown up on video games. Perhaps your family had a Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, or a Nintendo 64. Perhaps you or your children own a Nintendo Wii. You may think…

Reflections of a “Racist” Father

Originally posted on Jewamongyou's Blog:
REFLECTIONS OF A “RACIST” FATHER By J.A.Y. So I’ve earned the reputation of being “racist” and the enmity of those dearest to me.  Why?  Because I dared tell my daughter that I disapprove of her dating black men.  Now, for 90% of you out there, this would seem to…

Do It For Denmark! | Spies Rejser

Welcome To The Europa Unitas Movement

Welcome to the website of the Europa Unitas Movement. We are a new movement founded to save our people, our nations and our civilisation! About Us The Europa Unitas Movement was founded to advance and protect the interests of, and to uphold the culture and heritage of European (white) people around the world. We are […]