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An Honest Conversation About Race | Jared Taylor and Stefan Molyneux

Who’s Pulling the Trigger?

Dear Mr. Trump

2016 American Renaissance Conference Videos

An overview of the 2016 Amren conference

Originally posted on Jewamongyou's Blog:
In my experience, this was the most positive, and inspiring, American Renaissance conference to date. It’s my sixth one, if you count the “shadow conference” in Charlotte a few years ago and the mini-conference in Virginia (2010) before that. I’m pretty sure that this conference had more attendees (close…

AmRen 2016 Early Evening Stream, Day 2

AmRen 2016 Noon Stream, Day 2

Amren 2016 kickoff

Originally posted on Jewamongyou's Blog:
Well folks, I’ve made it to the Amren conference in Tennessee, and it’s off to an impressive start. The first thing I noticed is the large number of attendees; this place is PACKED! The second thing I’ve noticed is the large number of young people in attendance. I’d say…

Amren Kick Off Live Stream

The Great Debate: Wilfred Reilly vs. Jared Taylor on HBCU Campus