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Report Illegals – our new flyer on Immigration!

We have just finished our new flyer, “Report Illegals.” This flyer has no copyright information, and can be adapted by anyone for other white countries. Because we haven’t put our own website on it, we hope that diverse race-realist, nationalist, and anti-immigration groups will be wiling to use it. Report Illegals

Republican National Convention – Covered By Red Ice Radio

The Republican National Convention received live coverage by Red Ice Radio! Excellent job Lana and Henrik!

An Honest Conversation About Race | Jared Taylor and Stefan Molyneux

Huffington Post green-lights violence against Trump supporters

The Huffington Post is now openly encouraging violence against supporters of Donald Trump. They published an article explicitly praising violence, INCLUDING MASS MURDER!… Full story here

Anti-Trump Rioters in San Jose, CA Wave Mexican Flags, Incite Violence

Progressive Professor Urges White Male Students to Commit Suicide During Class

Originally posted on Diversity Chronicle:
By Ivan Fernando “If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! They only murder, exploit and oppress non-whites! At least a white woman can have sex with a black man…

Jared Taylor on the Gavin McInnes Show

Why Donald Trump Is Leading The Pack – Jared Taylor

Announcing The 2016 American Renaissance Conference

Ready for Change! Donald Trump says what millions of Americans have thought for years — and is much too popular to be silenced. Ann Coulter’s Adios, America! sounds the alarm against Third-World immigration — and is a huge best-seller. An Alt Right of young, cocky pro-whites terrifies liberals and conservatives alike. And a Muslim invasion […]

Insight – Saint George and The “White Whore”