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8 Year Old Swedish Girl Sexually Harassed By “Migrants” / 8-årig flickas badupplevelse i Skövde


Fitna (Video About Islam With English Subtitles)

This video is far from perfect, however it raises some very important points about Islam.

‘They prefer boys in Afghanistan’: Dancing bachas recruited for sex (RT Documentary)

The sexual enslavement and abuse of young boys is routine in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a sick country where women are required to cover their faces, and in some cases, even eyes. They are denied access to public events, and many are denied even the ability to leave their house at all. At the same time, […]

Judge Finds German Woman Guilty of Raping Eight Pakistani Muslim Men

Originally posted on Diversity Chronicle:
April 21, 2013 In the City of Wassenberg in Western Germany a woman has been found guilty of seducing and raping eight men in the first case of its kind in Europe. Maria Heidelsohn aged 18 alleges that on the afternoon of August 23rd she was pulled away by eight…

The Rape of Europe

Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace

Viktor Orbán: “Europe is Under Attack” Hungarian Parliament Speech