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The American Flag is a Symbol of Hate With No Place In Our Vibrant Democracy. Take It Down!

By Erik Mugabe The United States of America was founded by slave-owning white supremacists. The American flag is literally a symbol of slavery, white supremacy, and Native-American genocide. Good people do not disagree on these points. The American founders were all racist, cis-gendered, heterosexist white males. This is 2020; why are these ugly rags, we […]

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Please Help Helmut Oberlander – Stop his deportation

Please contact the Canadian government officials listed below, and ask them to intercede to prevent the deportation of Helmut Oberlander. Mr. Oberlander is a 96 year old German man, now a Canadian citizen, who was a translator for Germany in WW2. He has been accused of war crimes multiple times, and each time found innocent. […]

Farms identified for expropriation without compensation – South Africa

Do you live in South Africa? If so you may wish to visit this site The ANC recently announced that the party had drawn up a list of farms to be expropriated without compensation. AfriForum obtained a list of farms that have been identified for expropriation which is being circulated in the Department of Rural […]

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