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Why are Whites Committing Suicide – Explaining Racial Self-Hate, Prof. Rushton

The European Giant

“Race” by John Baker

Originally posted on Jewamongyou's Blog:
I just finished reading “Race” by John R. Baker and wanted to give a brief review of it while it is still fresh in my mind. It is a monumental work and of great value.  The depth, range of insights and objectivity, demonstrated by Baker, are awe-inspiring.  As a…

Why I believe in race-realism

Originally posted on Jewamongyou's Blog:
I can’t remember what led me to it, but I recently found an article titled “I Posed as a White Supremacist Online” that peaked my interest. The article is by Greg Stevens, and it turned out to be very entertaining. The forum he had infiltrated was called “Skadi.” Some…

Cat Ladies

Originally posted on West Hunter:
There’s a new paper out that extends the record of host manipulation by toxoplasma. We already knew that toxoplasma infections cause mice to lose fear of cat urine – turns out that toxoplasma infections also cause chimpanzees to develop a morbid attraction to leopard urine, a marker of their main…

I can’t afford to think about that.

Originally posted on West Hunter:
Once upon a time, a young geneticist was applying for a position at the University of New Mexico.  I believe he said something about the Ashkenazi hereditary diseases.  Someone on the faculty,  known to be susceptible to crimethink, asked him if he thought that the sphingolipid diseases (Tay-Sachs,  Gaucher disease,…