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Progressives Condemn Racist and Islamophobic European Advocates For Women

Originally posted on Diversity Chronicle:
By Werombi Towradji A new organization that claims to advocate on behalf of women has come under fire, with allegations that, despite appearances to the contrary, it actually seeks to stealthily spread racial hatred and Islamophobic bigotry. Despite all their rhetoric about “rape,” the so-called European Advocates For Women is…

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Snap Elections In Sweden Bring Islamic Jihad Party Government To Power

Originally posted on Diversity Chronicle:
By Ray Charleston Last week the world saw an exciting new development as Sweden was declared an Islamic nation under Sharia law. For those who may have missed the news, over the last several years more and more Muslim refugees have been peacefully migrating to Sweden in search of a…

8 Year Old Swedish Girl Sexually Harassed By “Migrants” / 8-årig flickas badupplevelse i Skövde

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