We Must Live

Our people must live. We must fight for our survival and for our interests without compromise, and without apology. We must rediscover who we are, and where we came from. We must restore our families. We must take back control of our nations and expel foreign invaders. We must establish a new order for our race.

The Family

We must preserve traditional moral values conducive to the survival, propagation, physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our families. These values are rooted in natural law and are self evident. We oppose abortion for our people and condemn it as murder. We oppose homosexual marriage, adoption and any effort to legitimise homosexuality, normalise it, or encourage its celebration. We also condemn transgenderism and transsexualism. We must protect the traditional family. In every case possible we want to secure the ability for women to stay home with their children, so that both parents are not forced to work. We favour home-schooling, and the rights of parents to opt out of public education systems which demonise our people and our heritage. We oppose all efforts to legalise dangerous and illegal recreational drugs.

Trade And Workers

We must oppose globalist trade schemes which devastate our economies as large multinational corporations exploit cheap foreign labour at the expense of our workers. We favour tariffs on foreign third world imports. We must prevent our economies and markets from being flooded by cheap foreign goods. We support living family wages for our workers as well as generous benefits, profit-sharing plans, and comprehensive quality medical care for all of our people. The interests of large scale rootless cosmopolitan corporations are diametrically opposed to those of our people.

The Environment

We favour making every effort to protect and preserve the natural environment. We demand clean water, clean air, and strong environmental regulations. We favour the protection of any species that is endangered. We favour nature reserves, national parks, and the protection of the Earth’s natural resources for the sustainable use of future generations.

Animal Welfare

We favour strong animal welfare laws to prevent cruelty to or the mistreatment of animals. Kosher and halal ritual slaughter which cause animals to die by slowly bleeding them to death must be banned. Vivisection in which animals are tortured to death in order to test cosmetics or other products must be banned. Primitive religions that practice animal sacrifices must also be banned. We must not allow cruelty to animals in any form.


We favour the self-determination of all of our peoples in every nation. The unique culture, traditions, languages, and customs of each nation within Europa shall be preserved and respected. A one-size fits all approach to law, government, philosophy, or religion would be misguided. Our people must be allowed to express their individuality, and to retain their great diversity of cultures, languages, customs, and traditions.

We view differences among our people and nations as a manifestation of the vast richness and creativity of our people. We seek peaceful and positive relations with all honourable members of our race, regardless of religion, customs, language or ethnic-subgroup. United together for the common interest of our survival, we are stronger, divided, we shall fall.

We Denounce Traitors

We hold that those of our people who have betrayed their own race are the ultimate traitors worthy of our greatest contempt. We will never forgive those who advocated for and opened our borders to hostile alien invaders. Nor those who try to teach our children to hate themselves and their identity.


We oppose open-border immigration policies, which allow third world immigrants to flood our nations, threatening our survival, taking our jobs, lowering our wages, raising crime levels, and disturbing national unity, peace and public order. We demand a moratorium throughout our nations against third-world and non-European immigration. Foreigners who are already living among us must be repatriated or deported.

Third world migrants from the Arab world, mostly adult males, have been flooding Europe. Most are Muslim or come from Islamic cultures. These invaders commit rape, murder, and theft at disproportionately higher rates than Europeans. These invaders come with a false sense of entitlement, believing that Europe owes them lodging, money and healthcare. They establish ghettos where it is dangerous for Europeans to enter. They bring their backward and primitive culture and ideologies with them. They have made many European nations and European cities unsafe and unliveable for our people.

These hostile invaders must be deported. Walls must be built to keep hostile alien invaders out. Employers must be penalised for hiring aliens, and border security must be greatly strengthened. In many nations the army should be called to defend their borders. A thorough multi-pronged approach utilising all of these methods is necessary. Politicians and parties that advocate on behalf of these hostile foreign invaders should be banned. Those who actively encouraged them, and covered up their crimes should at the very least be imprisoned for life.

The Media

We condemn the mainstream international media for selectively cherry picking news stories in order to paint our people in a negative light. We condemn them for refusing to report heinous and egregious crimes against us. We condemn their efforts to foment racial hatred against us, and a sense of entitlement and grievance against our people.

The Alternative Media

We wish to encourage the production of a viable alternative media. Web sites, blogs, online video channels, radio shows, magazines, journals and articles must be created to present the other side of the story that the mainstream media refuses to report.

We support nationalist parties and movements among our people in creating an alternative media. It is vitally necessary to combat hostile forces in government and to work to curtail liberal immigration policies, and discriminatory domestic policies that have devastated our people. Corrupt men and women have betrayed our people, we have been sold out to special interests, to wealthy corporations, international bankers, and to hostile alien peoples with interests diametrically opposed to ours.


We disavow and reject Americanism. The United States of America was founded by liberals and Freemasons, and based largely on the ideas of John Locke, and the French “Enlightenment.” President Thomas Jefferson, who favoured the French Revolution, held the view that Muslims should be welcomed in the US. While it is true that the American founders were not racial egalitarians, their false and corrupt ideology of “natural rights,” and the “pursuit of happiness,” inevitably led to racial egalitarianism, feminism, hedonism, and now even LGBT “rights.” Any worldview that exalts individual freedom over duty to society is a direct threat to our race.

We disbelieve in egalitarianism, universalism, natural rights, capitalism, and “democracy.” The US is a corrupt and failing plutocracy, and it was doomed from the start. The world would have been better off had the US remained a British colony and retained its ties to Europe. King George III was a benevolent monarch who was unfairly maligned by a minority of colonists who wanted to enjoy the protection and benefits of the British Empire, but without paying their fair share in taxes. Washington and several other US founders broke their oaths, after previously swearing allegiance to King George III.

We recognise that there are many honourable activists for our race who are Americans. It is vitally necessary, however, that our people have a healthy and realistic worldview. More and more racial nationalists are coming to realise that the American system has failed our race, and that Americanism was build on a false foundation.

Foreign Policy

We regard American exceptionalism as one of the world’s foremost problems. This idea posits that the United States has a special role to intervene internationally in world affairs, and to engage in nation building, and nation destroying in order to advance Zionist and globalist interests. We oppose unnecessary wars and interventions in the Middle East and the Islamic world. We advocate the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the Middle East. The foreign policies of our nations ought to be guided by what is in the interests of our peoples.


Religion can be a force for good when it teaches healthy moral values. Religion however must never be allowed to adversely impact our race. While we recognise that many outstanding members of our race are Christians, we regard Christianity as, for the most part, harmful and alien. Our people are called upon to shun clergy and churches that work in opposition to us. Churches today largely perpetuate white-guilt and advocate for other races against us. These churches are not worthy of respect or support and we condemn them.

Evangelical Zionist war-mongers teach that it is our duty to finance, fight and die to protect Israel. Pope Francis advocates for Muslims invading Europe while largely preaching moral relativism on social issues. Many Catholic bishops actively cover up the crimes of pervert homosexual child molesting priests. We must denounce and reject religious criminals, frauds and racial traitors.

Circumcision is barbaric genital mutilation and it must be banned. Our people must not allow primitive, cruel or inhumane practices to be carried out in the name of religion. The policies of our nations must always be grounded in the scientific method and natural law.


Out of compassion we favour the compulsory sterilisation of those who have serious and incurable genetic diseases, mental illnesses, or exceptionally low IQs, so as to prevent them from passing on those conditions to their posterity. No person has a right to perpetuate human suffering or to lower the genetic quality of the race through their reproduction. Every member of our race has a duty to improve the race to the extent that they are able. The greater good of our people and our duty to them must always and without question trump the liberty of the individual whenever a conflict exists between them.

We favour enacting laws so as to reward Europeans of high genetic quality, free of genetic diseases, with high IQs, and good values for having children. Those with the best genes should receive tax and welfare incentives in order to encourage them to have as many children as possible, so that having more children will not be a financial burden for them.

Humanity has experienced an incredible dysgenic decline, extending back at least several hundred years, if not much earlier. The higher IQ individuals of our race have been having the fewest children and marrying the latest in life. This must be reversed or the IQ of our race will continue to drop and genetic diseases will increase. The survival of philosophy, scientific progress, and high culture all depend upon this. Within just a few generations of adopting such policies we can and we will greatly improve human intelligence, creativity, virtue, and eliminate incalculable human suffering.


Out of compassion we favour legalising voluntary euthanasia for those who are dying slowly of painful and incurable diseases or conditions. We also support euthanasia out of compassion for those who are no longer able to live a life of dignity or quality. No person should be condemned to live a life of constant incurable pain or indignity.


We seek greater cooperation among our respective national groups. By meeting, sharing ideas, dialoguing, and working together we can make ourselves more effective, discover what strategies work and what methods are most successful.


What can you do? Every person has their own unique talents and abilities as well as weaknesses. Some people are excellent speakers. Some people are terrible speakers but good writers. Some people are natural organisers, they know how to network with others and hold meetings. Some people are more extroverted or introverted, and they should choose tasks or projects which best suit them accordingly. We should be constantly asking ourselves, what can I do for my race.

Every individual in our race who cares about the future of our people should and can do something for our cause. Discover what you are the best at, and what you feel the most passionately about, and do it if you possibly can! Our people need your help. Our civilisation is in immediate danger and our very survival as a race is in jeopardy.

Some members of our race care deeply about the future of our people, yet in their particular country it is a crime to express sensible views about race publicly. In Germany, some patriots even had their children taken from them as a result of posts they made against immigration on Facebook! In the UK and Germany you can be fined or arrested simply for telling the truth about race or radical Islam. Yet, many brave German patriots have rallied to defend their nation recently in the face of the Muslim “migrant” invasion.

One has to be very careful and to adapt to the circumstances of their particular nation. We do not want good people to lose their children or their jobs! We need to engage in intelligent activism. Even if you cannot have your name publicly associated with our movement, you can still help by talking to family and friends. If you write online, or if you attend meetings, you may also use a nom de plume to better protect your identity.

If you can do nothing else, try to steer your close friends in the right direction. You can do this in casual conversations. Bring up a story you read about, something immigrants and crime for example, or perhaps share a personal experience you had. For many of our people, especially women, being able to talk to others with nationalist views is a necessary component for being able to consider and adopt such views. You may find that some people already agreed with you on some issues, but were simply afraid to say so, or they didn’t know that you shared their concerns. We must work to develop a sense of community among those who share our views.

If you are able to do so, perhaps you might consider creating a blog or website in your language and writing about immigration, crime, and nationalism. Perhaps you can host local meetings with nationalist speakers or give out flyers or other literature. Even sending the right nationalist videos online to friends is a form of meaningful activism. Help to awaken others to the threats we face. The truth is that there is no work more rewarding or more meaningful than fighting for our people!


Become an example to others. Start with improving yourself. Become an expert on race, nationalism, immigration, and the threats our people face. There are so many articles, books, and videos online, that you can become an expert on these topics at no cost to you. Eat healthy foods, buy locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, and meat from organically fed animals if possible. Exercise regularly. Become mentally and physically strong so that you can be as effective as possible in your advocacy for our people. Get educated on the issues and work on speaking so that you can speak up for our people and make effective nationalist arguments whenever called to do so.

Be physically strong so that you can defend yourself and your people if you are attacked by a violent criminal! Learn how to defend yourself. In some places there are free classes in self defence. If there isn’t one in your area, research the topic and consider starting one yourself. Our people are in danger and you need to be able to defend yourself, and defend our women and children when they are attacked by violent immigrant aliens.

Be an honest, honourable and reliable person. Help other members of our race when you can. Keep your word always. Become knowledgeable, healthy, and wise. Do your best in everything that you do, and try to find a vocation if possible, that you are passionate about and can be successful in. By doing this you will show others that nationalism is a superior way of life, and you will naturally attract other people to our views.

Our Outlook

We must maintain a positive long-term outlook. More immigrants are flooding our nations all the time. The media and academia relentlessly attack our people and our identity. Yet, people are growing tired of political correctness and the status quo. Our views are entering the mainstream, in some places now our views are the mainstream! More and more people every day are recognizing the disconnect between what they have been taught and what is happening in real life around them. Defeatism, pessimism, self-loathing and cowardice are our enemies. History, human nature, science, and reason are all on our side. We cannot and we will not fail!

Counter-Productive Behaviour

Our time is not well served arguing with people who want to aggravate us and expend our energy. Many people who lurk in chat rooms, discussion forums, or the comment sections on web-sites, are socially dysfunctional. Many of them do not know what a debate is. They think that it is an insult exchange. If someone is cursing at us, or simply refuses to consider anything we have to say, we should simply ignore them and move on. There are too many people out there who will be receptive for us to waste our time on them. It is also pointless to debate people of other races who have different interests from ours.

We don’t want failures, fools, and criminals. We want intelligent, honourable and smart people, and people with real potential. We don’t want people who cannot or will not control themselves, who have fantasies of random violence, or people with delusions of grandeur. These people are sick, defective, mentally-ill and criminal white trash. We do not accept them as part of our movement. We condemn, denounce, and repudiate them in the strongest possible terms. These people are our enemies.

Anyone who is willing to criticise the efforts of others should first be willing to make an effort of their own. If you can’t find an organization or movement working on behalf of our race which you deem worthy of your support, start your own, do something! Armchair activists who complain about things endlessly, but who never make any efforts of their own are nothing but dead weight. The same goes for people who spread unsubstantiated rumours or false claims about others in our movement. We will ignore them and move forward undaunted.

We are Law-Abiding

We are a law-abiding organization and we shun violence or criminal actions as a means to advance our people. We regard such actions as not only counterproductive but deeply harmful to our cause.


Please consider making a donation to help give us the funds to get our message out. We will continue to write articles online, to re-post quality articles and videos. We want to hire fulltime staff members. We want to take out ads in newspapers, magazines and online. We want to print and distribute literature. We want to buy air-time on the radio. Your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated.

Join Us

We have no membership fees or membership rolls in order to protect our supporters. In many European nations, to varying degrees, it is a crime to espouse our views publicly. All donations are strictly confidential and we will never give your name or other information to anyone else. Anyone who identifies with our platform and positions and who becomes an honourable activist for our race can be considered part of our movement.

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