The American Flag is a Symbol of Hate With No Place In Our Vibrant Democracy. Take It Down!

By Erik Mugabe The United States of America was founded by slave-owning white supremacists. The American flag is literally a symbol of slavery, white supremacy, and Native-American genocide. Good people do not disagree on these points. The American founders were all racist, cis-gendered, heterosexist white males. This is 2020; why are these ugly rags, we […]

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Please Help Helmut Oberlander – Stop his deportation

Please contact the Canadian government officials listed below, and ask them to intercede to prevent the deportation of Helmut Oberlander. Mr. Oberlander is a 96 year old German man, now a Canadian citizen, who was a translator for Germany in WW2. He has been accused of war crimes multiple times, and each time found innocent. […]

South African Land Theft Update

The South African government claims that it is reconsidering its decision to steal white lands for now. However, we have read some land was already stolen recently by the SA government. Will it be returned? Has the land theft really stopped? We have reached out to some Pro-White websites in South Africa. If you live […]

Farms identified for expropriation without compensation – South Africa

Do you live in South Africa? If so you may wish to visit this site The ANC recently announced that the party had drawn up a list of farms to be expropriated without compensation. AfriForum obtained a list of farms that have been identified for expropriation which is being circulated in the Department of Rural […]

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